Joe McPhee Po Music Harmelodic Trio

The band:

  • Joe McPhee (alto saxophone),
  • Jeff Parker (guitar),
  • Joshua Abrams (double bass, guimbri).

Joe McPhee Po Music Harmelodic Trio

Photo by Joe Bree

Harmolodics: everyone comes to the front Coleman's great, all-encompassing musical theory is called harmolodics, and nobody seems to understand it except him. But applied to the dynamics of a group's performance, it does make sense. "In most jazz settings," he once said, "there has always been the person who stands in front and the other guys who back him up, like a singer. But in harmolodics, everyone comes to the front."

PO Music is a "positive, possible, poetic hypothesis" which uses provocation to move from a fixed set of ideas in order to discover new ones. Things might not necessarily be what they seem. PO, is a language indicator to show that provocation is indeed being used.